Ways of vodka consumption

Vodka, like other strong drinks, has its own consumption traditions. How to drink vodka is a question that has perfected over the centuries, because the traditions of Russian feast evolved over a very, very long time, and vodka has always been a fixture of this process. Nowhere else in the world there are so many traditions connected with the use of this alcoholic drink.

Before consumption vodka must be cooled to the temperature of 8-10 C. Vodka is consumed in moderately cooled state (moderately means not as cool as liquid nitrogen);

Vodka is not recommended for use together with other alcoholic drinks;

Vodka should be consumed from  special narrow drinking glasses of 50 ml. In recent years the most fashionable drinking glasses have been those with a very thick, 2-3 cm, bottom;

Appetizers for vodka can be both cold and hot.

Vodka is a strong drink which allows to relax, feel at ease and rest well. Appetizer for vodka should be nourishing and plentiful. This is not only a tradition of good hospitality, but also the method of dealing with excessive intoxication and hangover. The best appetizers are fatty and salty foods - caviar, salted or smoked fish (sturgeon, salmon, herring), pickles, marinated mushrooms, sauerkraut and dumplings. Traditional Russian appetizers are also beetroot salad and meat jelly, various flood dish (usually fish). Vodka goes well with dishes of poultry (chicken, goose, venison).

This alcoholic drink itself provides good appetite. One should remember that vodka does not fit well with cheese, boiled fish, with dishes of lamb and with sausages.

And finally not the most pleasant things. Sooner or later any holiday ends, and the consequences come quite fast. Of course, to avoid them you should drink moderately. But if you failed to comply your measure, there are several other ways of dealing with hangover.

First of all, before a grand party you can take preventive measures, that is work in advance. 2-3 hours before meal you can drink 50 ml of vodka, a raw egg, or a spoonful of vegetable oil. Just before the copious libation you can drink coffee or tea with lemon or a tablet of activated charcoal.

Another anti-hangover means is porridge (buckwheat, oats, semolina) ate a half an hour before drinking. But if you can not observe these precautions, then the next morning pickles, yogurt or a cup of strong tea or coffee will help you.

One should not restrain hangover with vodka, beer or other alcoholic drinks, it is harmful to your health!