In sphere of sales of alcoholic products, Gorobina LLC is committed to the principle of “strict differentiation of labor”: the plant organizes effective production, and its marketing structures provide maximum representation of products at sales outlets.

Sales system is arranged in such a way, so that the goods would come to the counters of shops and supermarkets in minimum terms.

We are sincerely interested in assortment and prices being the most acceptable for our partners and allowing realize your potential with maximum advantage for you, competing successfully in this market sector.

Qualified staff is ready to give priority relation to Your company. Our company provides partners with all the necessary documentation, corresponding to Ukrainian standards and certificates of manufacturer by all types of products.

Sales and marketing department:
tel.: (0542) 61-97-26
fax: (0542) 61-94-54
e-mail: info@gorobina.sumy.ua, brend@gorobina.sumy.ua